Monday, August 30, 2021

About Karma

Karma is the definitive source of independent business journalism for alternative investors who recognize that business is a powerful mechanism for change.

The triple bottom line — people, planet and profit — is the backbone of everything we do. We’re in the business of breaking down actionable, real-world opportunities and risks.

We believe that effective news should foster smarter action. That’s why we dig past press release jargon and internet clickbait to deeply analyze the sustainability of the most powerful and promising companies. We’re curious about disruptive trends that challenge stagnant business beliefs, and we value entrepreneurs and investors with the creativity, grit and resilience to create a better world.

We’re not interested in half-baked business models or untested technologies. We’re interested in actual, pragmatic solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.

We’re interested in a rebirth of business.

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175 Varick St. New York,
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