Instant Karma Newsletter 9.16.20
  • Even though California has been a leader in setting emission standards, the wildfires show that climate change cannot be confined within state boundaries. 

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The apocalyptic wildfires engulfing the West Coast are not for lack of climate action by the states themselves. California, for instance, has been a leader on emissions standards since the 1970s. However, we only have one planet; unlike employment or education initiatives, which have largely place-based or population-based impact, only sustained action by everyone will arrest and mitigate climate change. The geographies impacted by climate change make clear that the places with the most significant damage are not necessarily the ones with fewer actions taken.

Milestones by investors, companies, states, cities, and entrepreneurs are part of what gets us to a carbon-neutral future and should be celebrated — but only insofar as they inspire the stragglers to get off the sidelines.

In Other News: Election fundraising, Mercedes-Benz fined

What’s the best way to leverage donor-advised funds as an impact investor? Wall Street fundraisers are conspicuously absent from the 2020 election. A new RAND study shows just how lopsided wealth inequality has become. Mercedes-Benz is forking over $1.5 billion in a fuel emissions cheating scandal. How can we make pandemic-proof disposable products environmentally friendly? Louisville agreed to pay the family of murder victim Breonna Taylor $12 million in a settlement.

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