Shareholder Proposals: A Karma Special Report
  • U.S. investors have turned up the heat on companies with a record number of ESG shareholder resolutions this year and the COVID-19 pandemic may spur even more proposals next year.
  • Sixteen investor petitions concerning ESG matters have gotten more than half of shareholder votes at various companies’ annual meetings in 2020, up from 14 last year, says Morningstar.
  • Still, American investors say they are fighting an uphill battle in a regulatory climate that has turned increasingly hostile toward shareholder actions.

Shareholder resolutions are increasingly effective tools for impact investors looking to get corporations to change their policies regarding economic, social and governance issues. The proposals have grown so popular that some banks are warning their corporate clients to expect even more shareholder resolutions and the U.S. Department of Labor has issued a plan to curb their power.

Karma’s Neanda Salvaterra took a detailed look at shareholder resolutions and how they work and offered a step-by-step guide to filing them. Karma’s Scarlett Kuang pulled together our special report into a single package that we offer you as a download here.